Case Director Pro

CaseDirectorPro™ allows law offices to manage their clients and cases in an efficient and intuitive way. With an easy-to-use look and feel, this database is a great tool for managing the entire firm from single practices to large multifaceted organizations. Also, with FileMaker as it’s platform, CaseDirectorPro™ can be customized to exactly fit your firm’s needs and workflow, now and in the future. CaseDirectorPro™ not only tracks billing and payments for clients, but provides complete calendar and scheduling features as well as allowing easy attaching of files and photos to any given client or case. This provides a complete virtual dossier that can be shared between staff in the office, in the field, and in the courtroom.

• With an audit log built into the Cases and Clients, administrators can track changes made to the database.

• Get the latest state of the art litigation technology tool that is intuitive, easy to use, very customizable, extremely cost effective yet scalable for large or small firms.

• Manage your court cases, contacts, docket, calendar and get action alerts to make your workflow efficient. Powerful database, fast searching parameters.

• Merge and manage your documents professionally, timely, and with precision CaseDirectorPro™ allows legal professionals to productively manage their caseload simply and effectively using powerful search and monitoring technology.

• CaseDirectorPro™ was developed under the recommendations of a successful, practicing law firm’s subject matter experts with over 50,000 clients!

• Integrated iPad and iPhone capable. Access your data in the field remotely using an Apple iPad or iPhone.

Track cases by court, venue, court dates, status, type, county, offense, arresting agency etc. and generate letters and motions using case and client data

Users can track alerts, messages, clients, meeting, case coverage and cases for everyone in the firm and/or by individual. Our new 3.0 version has the ability to view all appointment types on one screen. No jumping from tab to tab to view each appointment type. The list can be expanded or refined by date, user, type and by open or closed appointments.

Setup payments plans and manage finances by payment method and type. Track payments and deposit by dates and more.

Manage user accounts by setting access privileges and access levels to your data. An option to synchronize and edit court and calendar data from CaseDirectorPro™ to and from MS Outlook calendars and for wireless smartphones and laptops is built in. Network up to 250 users and set daily automated backup schedules of all user data as often as needed
Case Director Pro
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